Five-O-Lite Electric Fence Tester

Five-O-Lite Electric Fence Tester
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  • Test the charger
  • Test the fence

Graduated electric fence tester actually shows how many volts are at the charger or on the fence line. Lights calibrated to light up and glow from 600 to 5500 volts. Allows the user to measure voltage drop between points along fence.

Test By Comparison: Your fence should deliver as much shock as the charger. Measure the voltage at the changer, then measure the voltage anywhere on the fence line. If there is considerable drop, look for causes: thick growths of weeds, fence wire brushing against wet wood or steel posts, insulators cracked, chipped or crazed.

Test the Controller: Unlock both terminals. Using Five-O-Lite, hold ground prod against 'ground', fence probe against 'fence' terminals. Amount of shock varies with the model and make. If controller has two terminals, high and low, test them both.

Test the Fence: Fist, insert ground prod into ground, hold fence probe against fence. If the same number of lights flash as when charger was tested, it indicates that the fence line is good.

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